The Knock Nanny: Our Story


After a long work week and seemingly endless activities, we finally managed to get the kids down for a relaxing weekend nap. Ironically not more than 15 minutes later (just as I had fallen asleep) one of the loudest knocks I’ve ever heard came at our door. Immediately, both our little girls awoke screaming. How could this happen? … We had placed a note over our door notifying visitors that our newborn baby was likely sleeping.

My anger and fatigue combined for an overwhelming feeling of frustration. “Can’t I just have a peaceful rest for once”, I thought. As I approached the door, I found a well-intentioned neighbor attempting to deliver a gift. The handmade note that we had placed over our doorbell had fallen because the tape had deteriorated and would no longer stick. The loud knock during our nap wasn’t necessarily my neighbor’s fault, but I now had two screaming children and a sleepless afternoon. From this awful experience, was born the idea of the Knock Nanny. Years of design brought about the inexpensive, easy to install, and customizable solution that every parent had searched for! This was an invention that I could be proud of because of its unique qualities and benefits for parents just like me. No more nap interruptions by noisy visitors!